When sending a message through the communication form of the CompleteGreece site, the user will have to enter some personal information, such as: Name, Surname, telephone, e-mail address, etc. Personal information may also be asked when accessing some of the services of CompleteGreece.

CompleteGreece follows Greek law on Keeping Personal Data Records faithfully. The data declared in the above cases shall not be divulged to third parties, and shall not be published in any way or in any way be the object of exploitation.

This data will only be used to the extent deemed absolutely necessary to:

  • fulfil the terms and obligations of the individual services provided by CompleteGreece to its users
  • support users with information
  • choose the content offered to the users, so that it is according to their general preferences
  • satisfy any demands by the users regarding the services of CompleteGreece
  • inform them of new services
  • serve the smooth operation of the site
  • help CompleteGreece be in contact with its visitors

As an exception, CompleteGreece may make public the personal information of its users in the following cases:

  • It has the explicit consent of users for in any way making public their personal data,
  • The data is made public to third-party natural persons or legal entities with which CompleteGreece cooperates and only to the extent that is absolutely necessary for CompleteGreece to provide any service,
  • If demanded by law, by court order or asked by any other state or regulatory authority.

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